How to Fill 601a Provisional Waiver Application?

For those of you who are looking for a green-card and plan to use provisional waiver procedures from the U.S. government in order to ask that Immigration Services and U.S. Citizenship forgive the U.S. presence of your past unlawful and you are allowed to get a green card.

It is the most difficult section in order to get your provisional waiver approved of the process. But this is not the end part that you have to do in order to get permanent residency or to come to the United States. After that, you will get a couple of procedural steps that will make you can enter to the United States. These steps are very easy and simple if compared to when you have to get the provisional waiver approved.

After the waiver is approved by USCIS, you will get a lot of information from the United States Embassy from your origin country. A couple of information will lead you to set up a new interview part at the consulate. This information will be sent basically through DHL when it comes to the consulate gets the 601a approval information from USCIS. It will take 2 up to 3 days once the USCIS approval. If you do not get the information within 30 days it is well recommended for you to contact the consulate. After the instructions of the packet are followed you can make a schedule of the interview that will be held by the consulate online. This process is not finished via the National Visa Center because it was when you got visa denial.

It depends on when the last interview has been held with the consulate, you have to submit a couple of documents which have been updated. If you have done the last interview more than a year ago, you will have to get a new medical exam that has been done. You have to consider that the consulate will ask about new biometrics, I-864 Affidavit of Support and DS-260.

When the interview being held you have to bring a couple of documents and passport that have been requested. The passport will be retained by the consulate after the visa has been approved. After that, you have to wait for a week when the consulate will give you through DHL the passport which is containing the visa and packet which has been sealed that is called the Immigrant Visa Packet. The visa is perfect in order to enter the United States for four months.

When to enter the United States, you will get the Immigrant Visa Packet which has been sealed. The visa will be stamped by the officer and the stamp will be used as the temporary green card for one year. The actual green card will arrive often before the year ends. You will assign the social security number automatically and a card will be gotten about three weeks once you enter the United States.


Important Thing to Include in an Application of Provisional Waiver

  1. You have to prepare or gather a couple of following items for your provisional waiver application. You have sent photocopies for any original document instead of the USCIS form.

  2. You have to bring USCIS form 601a. You can get this form for free on the USCIS site on the 601a page.

  3. After that, you do not forget to bring payment receipt for the immigrant visa processing fee. In order to send this, you will be asked by the Department of States or DOS once the position of your VISA has been approved but before you will get your next scheduled for the interview with a consulate. You have to put the receipt on the top of the form 601a.

  4. Application fee. You have to spend $585 in order to get the primary application for the year of 2016.

  5. Biometrics fee. For those of you who are younger than 79 years old, you have to pay the biometrics fee about $85.

  6. Proof that your family-based visa petition has been approved by the USCIS. You have to send a copy of the USCIS form 797 approval notice. You have to check it again that you are classified as the immediate relative of the citizen of United States.

  7. The relative of your qualifying is the citizen of the United States who suffers extreme hardship for those of you who are denied the green card and waiver. You have to copy your naturalization, passport, or birth certificate. 

  8. Here will be served the copy of a birth or marriage certificates. If you have a relationship in terms of marital and if you were marriage previously, you have to include death or divorce certificates in order to prove that you are single. 

  9. Documents about the extreme hardship. It depends on the condition and situation. For instance, if your United States citizen comes with a medical condition which needs your constant care, the letter, and copies from a doctor of test results will be important. There are a couple of typical areas of extreme hardship such as personal, financial, educational, health, and a couple of other relevant considerations.

Once the application has been prepared, you have to make the complete copy of your records and if it gets lost. You have to send them by United States mail or courier by request the return receipt so that you will get proof that it has been mailed.

Provisional Waiver Interviews

You will not be called in for an interview on the request of your provisional waiver. After that, the file needs to be transferred by the USCIS from its National Benefits Center to a local office for this case. Meanwhile, USCIS comes with the power to do it if they feel that the personal meeting is the perfect method in order to make a good decision on the request for your waiver.

The provisional waiver is the perfect step in order to reduce the time burden which a couple of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents face once green cards can be received by their qualifying relatives.

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